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Why Digital

Designing a quality digital presence for a trusted strategy brand.
Creative Direction . Digital design



Bringing the true experience of Why Digital into the online world with a new digital design and experience.

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With 3 years of success in the industry, Why Digital have become leaders in their market helping brands with business transformation and improved culture. Their referral sales are strong but their inbound leads we're lacking with a digital presence that didn't reflect their true quality. We worked with their CEO and marketing team to develop a new digital presence for them to promote their true level of quality.


Objectives, that was our starting point. We knew the problem, but we wanted to set clear goals for the website alongside the overcoming of the current site's short comings. We knew that users were dropping off upon visit, but how can we improve the user journey to guide them to the right service. Working collaboratively with the Why marketing team we planned and mapped new ways users could reach the end goal of picking up the phone. We then concepted these journeys for review and testing to make sure we had covered all bases.


The end design was an instant hit with Why's audiences. The new site has a level of personalisation and interaction that directs users to content relating to their needs, educating them in the wider strategy they may be missing and require in their business. Why represents reliability, intelligent thinking and change that helps encourage authentic business growth. Our digital experience perfectly aligns to their brand, giving users the true taste of what Why can do.

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