Poole TSA

Supporting the improvement of teachers and schools

We have recently had the pleasure of working with Poole Teaching School Alliance to overhaul their representation online to bring a greater sense of credibility and quality to their brand.

By researching and exploring the passion behind the existence for Poole TSA and gaining an insight into their audience, we were delighted to support them in defining a new marketing strategy to reach new and existing teacher and provide teacher training and improvement to more schools and new teachers across Dorset.

Since the new site was launched, we have seen a 43% decrease in bounce rate, 113% increase in page sessions and, alongside an improved marketing strategy, Poole TSA have seen a 92% increase in programme applications.

We are thrilled with the results for Poole TSA. The website has been the cornerstone for the marketing success of the new strategy, giving customers the information they need when they need it. We have since worked with Poole TSA to consult and provide input into personalised marketing tactics to attract other passionate educators to improve their teaching skills.


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