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Performance + Recovery

Bringing physiotherapy into the digital world.
Strategic Direction . Brand design . Digital design



Getting people to make positive change to improve their aches and pains by bringing physiotherapy advice online.

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When Performance + Recovery approached us one beautiful autumnal day we were intrigued by their desire to unlock the lacking presence of physiotherapy advice online. They wanted to not only help their local community by having a space for clients to get hands on help but to advise clients worldwide with simple and proven exercises to aid in injury recovery and guide them in making lifestyle changes to prevent future injury. They needed an online presence and content created to start helping others help themselves.


We started exploring the world of recovery by talking to athletes, experimenting with user flows and getting expert insight from Performance + Recovery's founder, Laura Jamieson. We discovered the main objective for someone using the site was to get quick advice on improving their recovery. This led us to provide personalised approach to the site by providing content based on a user's interaction and their answers to questions about their pain, how it happened and what their day to day was like. We soon created a “Recovery Tree” that mapped out the different questions and routes users could take to find the information they need.


We wireframed and mapped out how the Recovery Tree could work online, tested it with some local CrossFitters and began designing a user centric responsive website. An aim for the site was to encourage users to make changes in their lives to improve recovery, not just do exercises when injured, however we realised this was a secondary desire of users as they just wanted fixing, so we dropped this in priority of content and will follow up with users once they've discovered the site. Once the site was designed we created content with different stretches and guides and used YouTube to host the videos to promote Performance + Recovery through this channel as well. The end result is a simple, clean and clear design that guides users on their road to self recovery.

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