Pamphill Interiors

Repositioning a local interiors company into a national brand with a new brand identity design.



At the end of 2018 Pamphill Interiors found themselves on the edge of two markets; one, furniture design and creation for local households, and two, interior design and fittings for entire developments and new builds. This teetering edge was the difference between low and high value projects. To grow and expand the business, it was clear that the higher value projects were the way forward, but leaving a mark in the minds of those they serviced was absent as they didn't have any consistent branding. We were delighted to help Pamphill overcome this shortfall.


We began by meeting with Pamphill Interiors founder and owner to hear first hand the vision and heart for why he started the business. We wanted to capture the homegrown and local begins of the company but present it in a way of authority and professionalism, building trust in the higher worth developments. With the objectives set and vision captured we began designing concepts, exploring the different ways we could express the brand through a logo. With experimentation and reviews we found a concept that would lead the brand with strength.


Utilising the syllables of the name “Pamp” “Hill” “Interiors”we create a logo and mark that reflected the professional and stylish nature of the brand. A strong font is a secondary element to a block style mark that brands itself upon all materials Pamphill creates, including its products. Combined with a rich maroon colour the logo sits with confidence aiding in the showcase of Pamphill Interiors high quality productions.


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