La Maison Jones

A brand identity for Poole's budding new patisserie.
Creative Direction . Brand design



Transforming a catering brand into a luxury boutique patisserie with the design of a new brand identity.



We were delighted when La Maison Jones approached us to help lead them in the design of a new brand identity to launch alongside a fixed premises. Previously, La Maison Jones had been providing catering services for the Dorset area and using cooking facilities wherever possible. Now, with an opportunity to move into a fixed premises to keep providing catering services, they also wanted to open a patisserie in the front of the property. With this desire it was clear that they needed more than a quick logo and facebook page to promote themselves. They needed a new brand design that met the needs of their market.


Working alongside La Maison Jone’s two owners, Jack and Laura, we explored the location of the new property. It was important to understand the audience that would come into contact with the patisserie on a day to day basis. Located in Poole and close to Sandbanks it was apparent that a luxury and boutique presence was needed to reflect the desires of the audiences. We began concepting designs to align to these desires, testing along the way with our target audiences.


With our aim clear, our concepts led us on a journey arriving at a luxury, typographic logo; one that shone with elegance and class. The design speaks directly to our target audience while providing an approachable style for the continued catering service. The use of a rich and classic green and rose gold colour combination flows across all of La Maison Jone’s materials to further enhance the perception of quality and luxury. Unfortunately the property fell through and they were not able to move ahead with the business but we ready and poised to help them again in the future.


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