Good News Church

Helping a new and modern church become established within their local community with a fresh brand identity.



With the backing of a wider group of churches, ‘Commission’, Good News Church had strong roots even before they launched their first Sunday service. With a vision to support the local community of Wimborne, Good News Church provides a charismatic and modern take for sharing God’s love. It was important to bring an established feel into the forefront of their outward materials to make an immediate impact in the community. The need to be fresh and new was imperative, but to set a perception of professionalism and organisation was also key to success. We were thrilled to have been asked to help create an identity that met this need.


To establish the creative direction and inform the design decisions for the identity, we held interviews with the key stakeholders and future members of the church. We wanted to understand what the new church meant to them and what they resonate with. Or focus was to create an identity that wouldn’t become an empty emblem on a leaflet, but a symbol that would connect with everyone who encounters it; a reminder of the churches presence in the town and their desire to help and support as many people as possible. We then openly brainstormed design solutions for the identity experimenting and testing different creative routes.


Our explorations brought us to a simple and refined solution. We created a design that reflected the nature of the church and it’s focus on the bible, combined with a clean and clear font. It’s simple colour palette utilising different tones of blue, aids in the calming nature of the church, as well as the professional approach to its organisation. The aesthetically pleasing structure of the logo makes it easy to implement across the many marketing materials, both online and offline.


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