Complete Active

Creating an online experience to boost sales and increase loyalty.
Strategic Direction . Web design . Photography



After a year of growth, Complete Active has become known as one of Dorset's top CrossFit gyms and needed a new digital presence to show it.



As Complete Active was approaching it's 1st birthday, they were in the process of expanding their products and integrating a new booking and membership system into the business. As they prepared to step into a more organised and greater customer engagement strategy, it was clear that a new website and online experience was needed to work alongside this new structure. One that would inspire, but more importantly, present a leading and simple user journey and experience to Complete's audiences. We joined forces with its marketing team to bring life to an online experience that integrated with Complete's new booking and management system Wodify.


This was not our first web design and build for Complete Active. By creating their first website we had access to all the analytics and data we could possibly need to bring life to a strategically led design. We studied current users journeys, drop of points, highlight pages and more to bring a solid understanding of user needs to our new designs. With this data at our fingertips we were able to map current and opportune user journeys to implement into a design. Followed by a prototype phase we were able to quickly and effectively test these journeys to optimise user flows.


Our design promoted a simplified user experience that guides a smooth user journey to becoming a member and booking classes. We utilised new photography and content to promote the experience of the gym, aiming to evoke an emotional and inspiring response aiding in the motivation to purchase a membership. We also integrated the Wodify CRM to help the booking and payment journey for users becoming a member. A clean, simple and engaging website now promotes the Complete Active brand boosting sales and connecting audiences.


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