Complete Active

Inspiring an audience with a trusted brand identity.
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Designing a brand identity to establish and build trust and loyalty for a new CrossFit gym.



When Complete Active approached us in the summer of 2017 with a such an incredible level of passion for starting a company, we just couldn't resist getting involved. Their desire, to launch a new CrossFit fitness brand in Dorset, to help improve people's fitness, strength and general well-being. They wanted to build a loyal community of like minded individuals who could grow together and support each other. To do this they needed to position themselves with strength in a saturated market and build a trusting audience.


We've had the joy of journeying with Complete Active when the desire to launch their gym was just a spark in the imagination. Being right at the start up phase allowed us establish strong objectives for the business itself, its owners and the perception we wanted our audiences to go away with at each interaction. We then brought focus groups together to workshop how we can present Complete Active in such a way that met our desires and set us on the right path for the future. With such insight, we couldn't go wrong.


After gathering data, we collaboratively concepted identity solutions, TOV and a brand voice to lead the company forward. The design objective of the identity was to bring an established look and feel to the company feeding the trust aspect for audiences. The brand voice was then designed to back up this established feel and really drive home trust in the brand with the use of an authentic and knowledgeable.


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