Cold Banana

Reflecting the true nature and culture of a best in class .NET agency with a new web design.



It’s a privilege when we get to work in partnership with like minded agencies making a difference in the world. Cold Banana are masters of .NET development and certified in many different frameworks to deliver outstanding products for their clients. We partner with their team to deliver the strategic design of projects, but this project led down an internal path into the heart and soul of Cold Banana. Put simply, their previous website no longer reflected their quality of work, skills, team and internal culture. Time had come to change and design a new site that would help enhance the perception of Cold Banana to future prospects and others.


Inspiration. That was our focus. To create a website that inspired users as they moved through different journeys. It was important that the design and feel of the site wasn’t just one of ‘selling’ but one that left an impression of quality and skill. We began by working with Luke Fribbens, Founder of Cold Banana, and team to create the site architecture that would lead us forward. Our aim was to make sure we are giving the user the simplest yet creative journey possible to find the information they need. The architecture led us through wireframe creation and into style concepts testing different boundaries within the creative. We landed on a rich and elegant design that boldly presents Cold Banana’s brand personality.


Being Umbraco Gold specialists, Cold Banana built the site themselves with Lobo keeping a watchful eye over the design elements of the website. We also went a step further and held various photoshoots of their new offices to capture the culture of the studio and utilise the images throughout the site. The launch has been a great success with drop off time reducing, users taking cleaner journeys to reach the information they want and inspiring users to contact Cold Banana to use their services.


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