All Clean 24/7

Designing a new identity to reposition a respected cleaning brand into a more commercially focused industry.



We got to know Rosemary, the Founder and Director of All Clean 24/7, after using her services back in 2018. In one of our many chats, she spoke of her desire to have a far greater presence in the commercial industry and start to shift away from the domestic one. She wanted to bring the caring nature of her and her staff to businesses and present All Clean 24/7 as a reliable, trustworthy and dedicated company. To do this we established a rebrand was needed to change the perceived value and overall perception of All Clean, making it more appealing to businesses.


Pink! Very pink! This was the only part of the previous branding that we wanted to keep. It was eye catching vibrant, and customers have a strong association between that colour and All Clean. Other than that we went back to the beginning with Rosie to uncover the meaning and values that influenced how All Clean 24/7 moves through their market. It was quickly understood that their dedicated nature and quality of service were the main factors to utilise in announcing their brand to the business world. We proceeded to work alongside All Clean and create concepts and designs for a new visual identity to reflect this nature and create an attractive style for the commercial industry.


It’s so pink! The end identity and brand strategy landed on a fun and approachable design that kept All Clean connected to their routes of helping domestic houses with their cleaning, but also bringing a smart and professional logo type and font to echo confidence in the minds of the FD and decisions makers at the larger, more corporate businesses All Clean work for. The reaction has been incredibly positive with businesses taking All Clean more seriously as a company. We have since worked with All Clean to bring their identity design into their online presence and guide them in their marketing activities. We’re sure you will start to see their branding everywhere!


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