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Why Digital transforms businesses by establishing their reason for existence, their ‘why’. They bring business growth, brand strategy and performance management into a company to perfect everything from culture to sale performance. Lobo created a responsive web design for Why to help elevate their quality of service online.

Why works with a variety of businesses, but has a stronghold within the creative industry. They help creative businesses, renowned for being unorganised, become well oiled, employee centric, sales growth machines by directly working with owners and boards to uncover, improve and fix business issues.

Working heavily within an aesthetic focused industry proved challenging when Why’s digital presence was not up to creative scratch. Their website, being the first point of call for their potential customers, was causing opportunities to be put off working with Why.

Lobo designed a website to address this lack of commitment by using an elegant, modern and user centric style. The design boasts a simple user journey with sub features that guide users to the discovery of what they actually need in their business. For example, rather than a company needing a social strategy they often need a stronger, underlining brand strategy to guide their marketing efforts. The site guides the user by offering these smaller services as selection options, which drives them to unique content discussing this service but within a broader picture of a greater service need.

The UI design is guided by elegant photography, focused on brand cultures, and simple yet effective positioning of typography to engage its users increasing read length.


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