We’re a creative & customer experience agency, building great brands and loyal customers.


Opening in 2018, we have a desire to achieve the best results for our clients by helping improve their communication with customers across a multitude of channels. We offer creative, strategic and innovative solutions to help brands transform their customer’s experience, build real business growth and develop loyal audiences.


Customer centric

The usual things expected from a creative agency are nice branding projects, pretty websites, some mobile designs and a few online campaigns. We are so much more than this. We are a Creative and Customer Experience agency. This means everything we do starts with strategic thinking and a huge focus on “the customer”. Our processes are designed to bring every brand initiative, channel and activity to work in unison providing the best experiences for your customers. Working in partnership with our clients we help uncover growth and transform businesses in the face of disruption with customer insights that lead us to success.

It's who we are

We don’t take shortcuts in our work. We achieve by working hard and setting and keeping to clear objectives for every client. We are proud of the value our work provides for our clients and it is our hard working attitude that achieves this.

Lobo is completely independent and owner managed. With a small team of experts we are agile and effective in our solutions, delivering quality in everything we do. We offer the perfect mix of customer experience, strategy and creativity to lead your business into the next decade with strength.


Some of the wonderful brands we’ve worked with

We have had the pleasure of working with a range of brands to improve their customer engagement and perception. It’s not the size that matters to us, it’s your dedication to providing the best service possible to your customers.