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Strategic Direction


The driving force behind your company. Setting objectives and keeping you on track for real success.


As Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”. This has powerful connotations for every business and echoes through the underlying necessity of strategy.

Strategies have been shaping the world since the beginning of time, first with the military, and now with business leaders. It’s the process of analysis, of measuring situations, and making intelligent and rational decisions on the best course of action.

Your strategy is created by thinking, and thinking hard. It’s about setting goals and objectives for your brand. The test of your strategy is whether it’s clear, logical, achievable and whether it’s feasible, whether it’s ‘right’.

The term “strategic direction” refers to the course of action you are taking to achieve the goals of your company. Not only do we support brands in the creation (or refinement) of their strategy in the form of their vision, mission or brand strategy, but we consult and advise as to the plans and actions to put in place to work toward this vision of the future.

Strategic direction also allows us to inform singular creative projects or campaigns. This may be during a website creation, branding exercise, advertising campaign, etc, as it helps us qualify a successful project rather than putting lipstick on a pig!

Any good strategist worth their salt has a desperately probing nature. Why, why and why is their go to question when creating or reviewing strategies. When we work with our clients, we are always encouraging them to go beyond the brief, and probe into the deeper meaning of an idea aiding in the uncovering of new opportunities.

Data informs everything in strategic world. Everything we create and advise upon is backed up with the nerdy beauty of quantitative and qualitative data, gathered from analytics, research, and, most importantly, your customers (or established target audience for new brands).

Put simply, strategic direction is one of the most important forces in a brand. It’s what, how, and why, you’re going to reach your business objectives and/or project goals. Without a strategy in place, you risk losing sight of your projects, budgets, and who you are as a company.


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Marketing Strategy
Messaging Development
Research & Analysis
Persona Development

Brand Strategy
Brand Naming
Campaign Strategy
Defining Objectives & KPIs
Digital Strategy


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