Performance + Recovery

A new online approach for a caring physio.


Performance + Recovery is a physiotherapist brand proving their dedication to see everyone in pain reach full recovery no matter where they are. Lobo designed and developed a website and brand identity for the launch of Performance + Recovery.

Performance + is run by Laura Jamieson, a physiotherapist helping clients recover from sporting injuries. Laura offers face to face meetings and training to help bring clients to full recovery. However, she did not want to be limited by location and has a desire to help as many people as possible. Performance + Recovery has been created to do just that.

The website provides a simple journey guiding a user to bespoke video content with an aim to aid them in their recovery. A user can select their area of pain and lifestyle and be presented with guided videos on how to improve your injury yourself. If a user does not see change in their situation, they may book a video call with Laura to discuss said injury. Performance + Recovery is no longer a location based brand, but a global centre of injury advice.

The Performance + branding is designed to be clear and effective. The identity has a simple typographic form, with a ‘+’ symbol. The ‘+’ is utilised as a marker across all forms of marketing communication bringing consistent to a variety of media forms.

Lobo is currently consulting with Performance + Recovery to build upon their business strategy analysing and establishing new revenue streams.


Web design
Strategic direction


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