The beginning


Graft. Hard graft.

A lot of time, effort and dedication has gone into Lobo’s beginning.

After spending six passionate years in the creative industry, serving other firms, strategising for clients and establishing strong creative foundations, our founder, Jacob Dilley, has thrown everything into starting Lobo. A creative studio, led by creative thinkers.

Why you ask?

Put simply, to see success.

Not personal success for Jacob or general fame for the studio, but to see true success within the brands we work with.

We see too much design without meaning, leaving clients cold and lost with no real success in the objective of a project or campaign.

Why can’t quality design be married with intelligent thinking and planning?

First and foremost, Lobo is a creative strategy studio that leads with discovery and intelligence to establish the true success objectives of our clients. You talk, we listen. This creates the ability to design with meaning; always reflecting on the objectives of a project and achieving quality designs that engage, inspire and encourage audiences.

Working internally and with external partners, Lobo provides a range of design and strategic services. The right service for the right project is informed by a discovery workshop. We work closely with our clients to establish project goals, objectives and an understanding of the focus communities to make sure our delivery sees real success.

We are not specialists in everything, but we are very good designers and story tellers in brand, digital and printed outputs.

How does the above make you feel? Meh? Excited? Confused?

Look, what ever your situation we’d love to meet you. We may be able to help you directly or we will refer you to someone who can, but again, we are excited to see success come to brands. So, reach out, we’ll buy you a coffee and see what we can achieve together.

If you would like to talk more about your brand or other things you may need advice on in your business, don’t hesitate to call us on drop us an email.

Jacob Dilley