It’s all in the name

Most people go over a name again and again before they land on the right one.

We love the science behind naming brands. Names with meaning. Names that are trendy. Names that are evergreen. There are so many routes to take.

We always enjoy a good naming exercise. If you want to have a chat about it, give us a call and we can grab a coffee; but for now, let’s talk about our name.

Nostalgia and meaning. The perfect combo.

‘Lobo’, as a name, was chosen by our founder, Jacob Dilley, for two reasons.

For 16 years, Jacob visited the beautiful ‘Vale do Lobo’ in the Algarve, Portugal with his family.

Lobo Creative Studio - Logo Design - Brand Naming - Vale-do-Lobo.jpg

Vale do Lobo is a beautiful location. Everything, from the red cliffs overlooking the white sandy beach, to Maria’s, the best restaurant in the world. Vale do Lobo has so much to offer for a relaxing and peaceful holiday.

Jacob and his family enjoyed every moment of their time together. Digging holes on the beach, having late night pool parties and spending quality time out and about developed a lot of lasting memories, love and friendships. It’s a place that means a lot to Jacob and now the whole company.

Quick sidebar — With such a connection to Vale do Lobo, we are keen to do some work out there. So… if you know anybody who needs our services, send them our way.

Secondly, translating from Portuguese to English, ‘Vale do Lobo’ directly means ‘Wolf Valley’.

Lobo Creative Studio - Logo Design - Brand Naming - Wolf.jpg

As a strategy led creative studio, this ties perfectly to our output. Just like a pack of wolves, we work collaboratively, strategically and creatively to succeed in what we do; overcoming new challenges when they appear and enjoying our community at the same time. This is our biggest driver as a company.

With these two connections, the name 'Lobo' was a clear choice for the company. Marry it with 'Creative’, just to be even clearer on what we do, brought it home.

We are Lobo Creative. Thought led design.

If you would like to talk more about your brand or other things you may need advice on in your business, don’t hesitate to call us on drop us an email.

Jacob Dilley